• Bethany Welsh

When you need a little self love...

Let’s be honest, we all have our bad days. Those days where we wake up and would rather hide under our mountains of fluffy pillows than face the mentally challenging nature of the outdoors. It can be so easy to let your mind fall into a dark place, when you don’t want to leave your bedroom or socialise with anyone. When these days make their dreaded appearance, getting up and being active, whilst plastering a fake smile on your face, seems relatively ambitious. It’s awful. Life can throw so many challenges and demands, this generation isn’t the simplest one to live in, there is drama everywhere and motivation to be a good person can be hard to find. Having to confront the world on your bad days isn’t an easy job. To be honest with you, it’s absolutely traumatising; which is why self-love is well and truly one of the most important aspects of your everyday lifestyle and should always be prioritised.

Small acts of kindness can go a long way, we all know that. But have you ever thought about providing yourself with these acts of kindness? It can be easy to forget how comforting the minor luxuries are when you are feeling down. Whether that be a sugary hot cup of tea or a steamy bubble bath, the little things help. So, take a read of some of the littlest yet finest things you can do that will help give you a little boost:

Take time for yourself – Bye Felicia!

After a long day of work or juggling those responsibilities, taking time for yourself is absolutely vital. Disconnecting yourself from everyone around you and having a break from socialising is really important. Switching off and taking a quiet moment to breathe and gather your thoughts will help you keep calm, collected and most definitely sane (as we are aware that sanity can be difficult to find on a bad day, extremely difficult).

Skin care – get your glow, girl!

Unfortunately, stress shows. The last thing us girls need are those sad, tired eye-bags and broken pores. No thank you! Ensuring that you are taking care of your skin will help keep that glow we all know we crave, which ultimately adds life back into your skin. Cleanse your makeup off, get that face mask on and let the magic commence. Imagine the most powerful version of yourself, whilst you sip on that cheeky glass of Pinot Grigio in your fluffy PJs. So, make sure that you have discovered the perfect skin care routine and you will be glowing like never before!

Eat, drink, sleep. You got to get that energy and those minerals honey!

Skipping a meal here and there and forgetting to drink water whilst running on minimum sleep may not seem like a big deal, but really it is. Girl, you need energy! You have a body to look after and it’s important that you respect it by giving it what it needs. Get that healthy energy back in your body and have that early night you’ve been putting off for weeks. (I advise investing in a sleep mask because you will sleep like a baby and wake up feeling like a Queen, trust me!).

These are just a few little examples of the little acts of self-love and care that everyone should adopt. There is a lot more that you should be doing to take care of yourself (we know a crazy girls night out is good medicine), but this is a good place to start. Your wellbeing and mental state should always be prioritised, so make sure that you are taking extra care on your bad days. You can overcome those thoughts and feelings and the negativity will eventually come to an end, you just have to help yourself.

You got this! x

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