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What is a women's circle?

It can be argued that women have been identified as the weaker gender and have been since the beginning of time. Across generations, society’s perceptions of women have been somewhat complex, as the female gender has faced ongoing issues of discrimination and inequality.

Even today, we are still struggling to meet general expectations of gender equality. However, many, many years ago, women of all ages began to assemble in circles, where they were given the opportunity to share their stories and experiences in a safe space, giving them the opportunity to support and empower one another.

These circles usually take place when there is either a new or full moon, as it has been claimed that there are similarities between the lunar and female cycles. Allegedly, the moon utilises power for women, which is why these gatherings traditionally took place when there was a full moon present. These circles still exist today and for us girls who are going through times of struggle, these inspirational gatherings sound like something we need!

Why you should consider attending one:

Women’s circles are a perfect space for females to stimulate one another’s femininity, where there are no judgemental thoughts, only support and guidance. In these intimate gatherings, your voice will be heard and your face will be seen. The demanding outside world can be forgotten about as you are able to immerse yourself in these special and quality moments, as you form a sisterhood with other inspirational women. Women’s circles allow you to connect with yourself and other women around you, we all become lost sometimes, so this sounds like the perfect opportunity to reseek your peace and embrace your femininity.

What happens in a women’s circle?

Women’s circles can be structured in numerous ways and you can pretty much host it how you like. But there are a few main components that help create a successful experience for all of your contributors.

1.Choosing an appropriate theme or subject to focus on in your circle. These topics could consist of womanhood, sex, trauma or even motherhood and general women’s worries.

2. Setting the scene by creating a peaceful and calming atmosphere where you are able to relax and switch off from the outside. Ideally, some calming and atmospheric music with candles can help keep members of the circle connected.

3. Opening the circle and ensuring that each woman has had the opportunity to introduce themselves and to share their experiences in this safe, sacred space.

4. Meditation and relaxation. Including breathing exercises and stretching to allow women to forget about any worries or stress they may have and to reconnect with themselves.

5. Snacks and a good cup of tea! Us girls know that sometimes the way to a woman’s heart is a cheeky chocolate biscuit and a cuppa.

6. Ensuring that you are enjoying your experience with other participants in the circle. Take full advantage of this special time where you will be heard and seen with full attention.

Isn’t it completely admirable that although many of us women suffer in society, we are still finding ways to empower and support one another? Women are not giving up and are still discovering ways to help each other along in a demanding society. Girl power at its finest!

Participating in a women’s circle is the perfect way to unwind and discover yourself again. Women’s circles are a celebration of femininity and encourage empowerment for women globally.

Could a women’s circle be something for you?

(Published on Cohorted Cult: Please go to Portfolio section where the link can be accessed)

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