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'Queenie' by Candice Carty-Williams - Book Review

'Queenie' by Candice Carty-Williams, is one of the most endearing books I've ever read and one I believe that everyone should read. It is important that we are educating ourselves on these unnoticed issues that the black community are continually living with and are actively advocating for a better change. I believe this is the perfect book to start.

'Queenie' is a funny, bold and honest book that will make you laugh, cry and have your mind exploding with emotions. Carty-Williams has blessed her readers with a book that tackles a range of significant themes such as: race, feminism, family, mental health and much more. With a mixture of vibrant characters and cliff-hanging chapters, this sensational text has allowed readers to visualise and experience what it is like living as a black woman today.

The story follows 25-year-old Jamaican-British Queenie Jenkins, who's life begins to spiral out of control, as the effects of straddling two cultures overpowers her. Struggling to open up to her white boyfriend, Tom, as well as being unable to get along with his family due to their racial slurs, they soon break up. With a mind heavy of distractions, Queenie is slacking at work and is struggling to meet the demands of her challenging boss. Her chaotic life soon becomes overwhelming, culminating in poor mental health and a crave for comfort, from all of the wrong men.

Through the narrator, Queenie, Carty-Williams exploits some of the toxic issues that lingers in today's society. The author educates her readers on how black women not only have the pressures of being female, but also the added battles against racism. The snide comments that white people slyly drop into conversations so casually, is what specifically caught my attention in this book. Yet, those white people see no harm in those vulgar comments that are rolling off their toxic tongues. Carty-Williams has righteously exposed the ignorance that loiters across our generation towards black people and the negative influence this has on their mental health.

Although this book maintains its place as one of the funniest books I've read, what I have mostly gained from this text is a range of important and valuable lessons. Now I realise, racism has always existed. Even in 2020, it is something that the black community cope with everyday to such threatening circumstances. But, why? Why do we not live in a fair and equal society? Who has these gruesome mentalities towards such innocent people? It pains me that issues like this still exist today. It is time to abolish racism, discrimination and all sense of inequality, as we start to live together as one.

Please follow me on Instagram @thebwordx where I have created a BLM highlight, simply for recommending books and literary works that I think are worth reading. These books are educating, inspiring and endearingly honest, so please consider reading one so we can start learning and understanding just how serious these matters are.

Please support where you can. Sign petitions, donate to charities, share on social media and use your VOICE. Let's actively encourage anti-racism and start making a change.



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