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Mental Health Awareness Week

(The following piece was written for Flexus Dance Collective's newsletter, subscribe on their website at www.flexusdanceco.org).

Mental Health has been a recurring issue in society since the beginning of time. Although the stigma has improved over recent years and more conversation has been generated surrounding the topic, there are still some evident blemishes regarding the subject. Even in 2020, people are struggling to be open and honest with their feelings. So, I ask, why? Why do we silence ourselves from discussing something so important?

The rise in mental health has been drastic over previous years. Our generation has somewhat taken a turn for the worst as the demands from society have become overwhelming. The increase of social media usage, the ongoing competitive natures that peer through society and the everyday difficulties of life that we are forced to confront, can become damaging on our mental state. This is why it’s important that, as a generation, we are supporting and guiding one another towards a positive mindset and giving each other the love we know we all need.

Finding an art form to use as an escapism has been known to benefit your mental health. Whether that be music, writing, dancing… the list is endless! There is nothing better than allowing your mind to escape its negative space or alternatively, projecting this energy through something creative. Flexus Dance Collective are always exploring other art forms and intertwining them into their successful works. Drawing upon physical theatre, poetry, music and much more, the dancers of Flexus share their passions for these art forms – all of which have been known to better your mental health.

Evidently, the pandemic has taken its toll on our mental states over the previous months. Not everyone can cope well with being locked indoors; staring blankly at the same four walls as each day becomes repetitive. Finding the correct escapism for you can help those days you dread so much be transformed into creative and productive ones. As soon as you feel those dark thoughts beginning to enter your mind, get yourself up and keep your mind busy! There is no better cure than allowing your mind to forget everything for a moment as you visit a positive space, getting lost in an activity that brings you a sense of contentment.

If you have noticed your Mental Health has been declining during the lockdown, please ensure that you are reaching out for further support. There is always someone out there who will listen, support and guide you back to a feeling of normality.

Always remember, it’s ok not to be ok.

Samaritans: 116 123

Shout: 85258

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