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Grandad Sam

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

The man, the myth, the legend...

My Grandad and I were always best friends - that was inevitable. The bond we formed was unbreakable and I have never felt more thankful that I got the opportunity to share some special and loving memories with him. He was funny, kind and completely lovable which is why I decided to write a little poem for him. I created this poem during my second year of University studies and actually submitted it as a part of my assignment. For me, poetry is about having fun with words and exploring language. I was never really good at the whole poetry thing, but I tried and still enjoyed it. So I decided to create a poem for my Grandad so he could appreciate how much I really did love him, and still do. And he loved it, he was so happy that I wrote something for him.

This was the poem that I also read out at his funeral whilst saying my final goodbyes; so I like to think that he will carry this poem with him wherever he may go.

Here goes...

Grandad and Granddaughter is the special bond we share,

laughter, cheers and so much love in our pair.

You bring the best out of me, when times become rough,

I will never forget these days when you are always so tough.

A cup of tea with whiskey is all that you drink,

you tell me nothing can beat it and give me a cheeky wink.

Sitting and shouting at the telly hoping you win your bet,

its horse number fifty two that is causing you major threat.

Nan comes into your room to give you a bowl of soup,

then you secretly whisper in my ear that she’s driving you round the loop.

Little trips to the village where you buy the whole pound shop,

we walk arm in arm, just to make sure that you don’t drop.

Anyway to my lovely Grandad I just wanted to say,

you bring life and joy to me every single day.

Even though we are sometimes far apart and can’t see each other much,

when we are reunited again its like we never lost touch.

You will be my true best friend until the day I die,

but first shall we celebrate with Nans classic apple pie?

All of us Rowely family love you an awful lot,

so raise your glasses to Grandad Sam and lets have a whiskey shot!

In loving memory of Grandad Sam ❤

I hope you knew how much I loved you, appreciated you and looked up to you. I will never ever forget the memories we shared. You were always the one that believed in me, so I hope that one day I will make you so proud. I think about you and Nanna every single day. My heart breaks living without you both but it comforts me knowing you are together again.

Love you forever and a day,

Your Loving Granddaughter x

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