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Finding my find love for reading again...

Since this pandemic started, I've honestly found so much comfort in reading again. It's helped me find some kind of peace, which is definitely needed at a difficult time like this. Nothing has helped me escape the realities of this tough time better than indulging myself in a good book.

I have always been a huge reader, but honestly, over the past year, I feel as though I lost touch with it. Most of the time, I just couldn't bring myself to pick up a book and I'm not particularly sure why. I think subconsciously, I was giving up with anything that was remotely related to my desired career. After finishing my degree in English Literature and Creative Writing, I've struggled to find work in this industry, which is what I think has held me back from doing the things I love, which ironically, has always been reading and writing.

But now, finally, I've managed to pull myself out of this negative mindset, push back my fears and pick up a book (or ten!). I started off my reading extravaganza by choosing a book I knew would be an easy read for me. I wanted to ease myself back into it and not pressure myself too much to read x amount of books. Scanning over my packed bookshelf, I eventually came across a book I hadn't read yet, 'The Summer of Impossible Things' by Rowan Coleman. I sat on my bed next to my wide, open window that gazes across the beautiful city of Leeds, allowing the fresh air to venture in as I claimed my position, nestled in my pillows. I think isolating myself and having my own space really allowed me to concentrate and get lost in the book with no distractions.

After reading the first chapter, I instantly thought to myself 'how did it take me this long to get back into a book?'. I felt so relaxed and stress-free, it was amazing! I ended up reading the day away and felt an immense amount of happiness after rediscovering my love for reading again.

Honestly, I can't emphasise enough how reading is the perfect escapism. As soon as I started again, I was in my own little bubble. I felt a sense of contentment, as all of my worries were pushed to the back of my mind, allowing myself to take some time for me!

If you're anything like me and find yourself constantly trapped in your thoughts, then I would definitely recommend picking up a book; or maybe not even a book. It could be a blog, a magazine, anything of your interest. We become so caught up in our lives that we forget about the little things that make us happy. It is important that you are allowing yourself some time to unwind, settle and be careless for a few moments. Now I've finally realised this, I've done nothing but read, read, read!

Otherwise, if you are needing any recommendations, then head over to my Instagram page @thebwordx where I will be sharing, reviewing and recommending my favourite books and literary works!

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